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Project Summary




desired use:

The brief from our client was to design a Beach House that could be occupied for both long and short periods.


detail of occupants

The design was developed to suit individuals or families who yearned for the Beachside living lifestyle.


special site features

The land is located on Magnetic Island, at Picnic Bay in the new ‘The Beach’ estate. Positioned alongside the esplanade the assigned block is only 10m wide and 30m long. Panoramic views of the ocean are towards the South East.


local climate Issues

The Townsville area, including Magnetic Island, has a tropical climate with lower rainfall than other regions in the tropics. Summer months are hot and humid with bursts of monsoon rains from late December through to early April. Tropical cyclones may also develop in this season. The winter months are dominated by SE winds and blue skies, warm days and cool nights.


client testimonial...

The house designed by Design Centre NQ compliments both the location & the style of home the Gordon Property Group is seeking within our residential subdivision at “The Beach” Picnic Bay. The design incorporates a casual beach house design with the comforts of a modern home. It makes great use of space with an indoor/outdoor feel that makes the most of the absolute beach frontage.


We feel that this is an exciting design that sets a benchmark of high standard in this development.


design challenges

space requirements:

The design was to include 3 bedrooms, ‘open-plan’ living area, an outdoor entertaining area and double carport. An ensuite to the main bedroom would be considered an advantage.


budget requirements: The house was to be built for less than $400,000 to maintain a reasonably priced house and land package.


building style:

The design was to combine the simple ‘beach shack’ ideals with luxury beachside living and to utilize building systems that enable efficient transportation of materials via the ‘ Island’s Barge’.

The result is a simplistic, modern, steel post & beam structure incorporating skillion roof lines and a combination of light and heavy weight construction.


relationship of the building to site

the site:

To maintain the integrity of the area, the developers of ‘The Beach’ developed a covenant and applied various height restrictions to each lot. These height restrictions governed the setbacks and which parts of the block could be single or double story.


the design:

As the building envelope was controlled by the height restrictions, a compact design was required. Effort was made to take advantage of its proximity to the beach and yet still maintain good design principles regarding orientation.


energy efficiency and environmental performance

passive design:

The skillion roof design allowed for large overhangs strategically sloping downward towards the western side to protect the external walls from the heat and glare. Sunshade blades on the western wall shade the windows from the late afternoon sun. Batten screens to the lower story shield the otherwise exposed lower walls.

High ceilings promote natural airflow and convection cooling. The high louvre window bays to the upstairs bedroom level enables hot air to rise and escape whilst letting in natural lighting, the stairwell and internal deck passage also incourage this downstairs.


building materials:

The use of mainly lightweight materials was encouraged, to simplify transportation. However masonry walls were incorporated to help with bracing requirements. Steel post and beam construction allows the structure to be pre-manufactured on the mainland and transported to site, minimizing on site construction costs and time.


design innovation and cost effectiveness

marketing strategies:

Once designed we were able to produce from the 3D model, architectural renderings which are being used by the developer in his marketing brochures and site signs. This extra service assists in the sale of the desired ‘off the plan’ sale of the house prior to construction commencing.